50 Best Import Export Business thoughts & Opportunities for 2018

50 Best Import Export Business thoughts & Opportunities for 2018

50 Best Import Export Business thoughts & Opportunities for 2018 - Do you want to start an import & export trading business from house? If YES, here are 50 best little scale import export business thoughts & opportunities for 2018.

All over the globe, import and export is rampant. There are countries that only, merely, solely clevernot do without import and export. This is because no nation clever survive totally on its own without interbehaveion with other countries. There is always a necessity to relate and engage in exchange of goods, it clever either be in terms of raw friendrials, semi-ended good or ended goods.

This important gap clever be monetized by you in a form of movement of goods from where it is in abundance and above the demand to a nation where there is a high demand for such products. International trade is one of the hot industries of the 21st century.

Starting an Import and Export Business – Industry Overview

According to the United States Department of Bussines, importations account for an annual $1.2 trillion in goods. Exporting is equally as large in its own right as Americlever companies exported $772 billion worth of goods to over 150 overseas countries.

Interesting Statistics Approxifriendly the Import Export Industry

The world’s third largegest exporter is the United States and its exports accounts for 13% of GDP. Its exports fell by 2.1% in January of 2016 to $176.46 billion. This was the lowest it had fallen in more than 5 1/2 years. From 1950 till 2016, exportation was at an average of $48,995.11 million with a record low of $772 million in March of 1950 and an all-time high of $197,759 million in October of 2014.

More than 40% of the rise in GNP of the United States was as a result of the contribution of merchandise exports from 1986 to 1990. Exports totalled a high of $394 billion in 1990. As a result of the increase in the U.S exports in the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was a significlevert lower trade deficit and an addition of 2 million tasks attributed to exports.

The United States Department of Bussines has made an estifriend that one task is created for every $45,000 in export sales. The United States claimed a 16.8% bagikan of the world’s total imports malord it the world leader in imports.

Export is an important vehicle of growth for companies in the United States. This is because a lot of domestic products and the service market in the country are already satuswiftd and there is only room for limited growth opportunities.

These days, a lot of little companies sometimes lookk to develop continuous and permanent business ties with other overseas countries. 15% of the exporters in the United States make up 84% of the value of manufbehaveured export in the country. Less than 20% of the exporters and less than 3% of all the companies in the United States export to over 5 markets and half of the exporters sell in only, merely, solely one foreign market.

The market for import and export for many product lines are already satuswiftd and there is information to back this up. So to avoid facing any kind of problem in this business, make certain that there is a original, native, authentic necessity for the products you want to deal with. When you have done this, with a lot of commitment from your end, your business is off to a good start.

If you think that starting an export and import business is what you want to do, then you may want to conmiddler starting an import export business. Here are some business thoughts that you clever start to behave on. You clever cash in on international trade with any of the under listed business thoughts;

50 Best Import Export Business thoughts & Opportunities for 2018ONLINE IMPORTATION

You must have listend approxifriendly Alibaba.com, Aliexpress.com, DHgate.com, IPmart.com and several other online based marketplaces. All these websites listed above deal with online trading as they ship to other part of the world. You make your order and payment online while they ship your product to your provided address. You are also to pay for the cost of shipping.

The internet has brought down the walls which used to restrict access to manufbehaveurers located thousands of kilometers absent. Improvements in vehicleation and logistics now make it possible for little businesses with little capital to import littleer amounts of stock at low shipping costs. The beauty of this business is that with little start-up capital and access to the internet you clever start earning a good income.


An import-export agent or broker, also telln as a trade agent or customs broker, is an individual or a company that sends and receives goods to and from unusual countries. Import-export agents or brokers work with both importers and exporters by aiding them prepare necessary documents for exporting or importing their products. They also aid their clients establish associate, put trhough (phone)ions in foreign companies.

So, they work on both ends of import-export deals that of the origin and that of the destination. To become an import-export broker, you must understand the basic jargon of import-export verdict, currency transbehaveions, trade policies, and everything else that goes into malord fortunable import-export deals.


As a product sourcing agent you clever conveniently plug into the export value chain. What a good way to accumulate a successful exportation business from nothing and have fun doing it?

Not only does it require little financial investment to start you don’t necessity previous experience in the field to get started, but you should have a good head for organizing and paying constant attention to little details. As a product sourcing agent, you will necessity to make contbehave with exporters.

You clever register with some trade portals where you will have access to their chosen commodities, specifications and contbehaves details. You clever also send a mail to them and inform them that you clever meet their requirement.

As a product sourcing agent, you will deal majorly with farmers. You will necessity to go to their farms and deal with them directly and you might necessity to vehicle the commodity to the city. You clever also deal with the local buying agents and the commodity merchant.


If you have the logistic and business administerment skills, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, you may only, merely, solely be fit to study how to start a freight brokerage business. 

As a freight brokerage company, it is your duty to behave as a mediator between shippers and client companies who necessity their services and facilities. Their tasks also involve clearing your goods from the ports, paying up your duties and taxes, vehicleing your consignment to your desired destination, etc.

Sometimes, freight brokers are referred to as clearing and forwarding agents. There’s much money to be made as a clearing and forwarding agent. The sweetest part is that this business clever be done anywhere, in any country; as long as international trade still exists and your country is a partaker, you are in business.


This is another money raining business in this field. A buy and sell opportunity clever turn into a lucrative business provided that you do it well. This is especially true especially if you are conmiddlering the thought of how to buy and sell used cars. As technology increases and state-of-the art cars are being produced, people will always have the necessity to buy new vehicles; thus also creating the necessity to disposed of ancient ones. Regardless of the country you remiddle. Whether you are in United States, U.K, Cleverada, Tuneapore, Nigeria, Ghana, etc.; you clever import and sell used cars.


The construction and furniture sectors all over the world today clevernot do without the use of timber, but what is important to you as an entrepreneur is to identify the markets for these products while associate, put trhough (phone)ing the timber producing nations to the market, even though very stressful and energy sapping, the pain is always worth it.


If you are specialized in a sure industry, you clever very well go to an oversea manufbehaveurer and ask to represent them in the countries of your choice. A representative has the edge because you are the expert in the industry or a sure market.

For example, if you are an expert in the timberen furniture business and you have been selling in the western US region, you have the great opportunity of going to a Chinese furniture maker and aslord to be a representative of their western US region.

Most of the manufbehaveurers love people love you because you are their free labor (no base, only commission) to aid them get into the market. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the manufbehaveurer.


Although tobacco is commonly telln to be sertagerous to health, the addiction that comes with its consumption has only aided to maintain the increased demand for cigarettes and other tobacco products. While many will frown at this option, the truth remains that tobacco and its products sell well in anywhere in the world, and you clever make a fortune from importing them.


Tons of seafood, such as fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and so on are consumed on a daily basis. Ironically, however, indigenous suppliers clevernot cater to the huge demand for these products, leaving open a window of opportunities for importers of seafood. While there are more-than-countable import and export opportunities that you clever knock from, you would difficultly go error with seafood importation.


Publishing a biannual import/export opportunities directory in printed and electronic format has the potential to make you wealthy, as millions of budding entrepreneurs worldwide are constantly on the lookout for income and business opportunities.

Simply create an import/export directory that features information approxifriendly worldwide manufbehaveurers, wholesalers and agents that are looklord to expand their product lines into foreign countries and new markets, or individuals or companies that are looklord to import particular products into their regions.

Charging a fee to be listed in the directory, as well as selling the directories to people who are looklord this type of valuable and potentially fortunable information and contbehave sources would earn revenue for the business.


Begining a warehoutune and distribution service puposes you clever behave as a warehome, shipping and receiving agent for as many as 20 or 30 unusual companies. This business venture does require a great deal of research and investment capital.

However, with careful planning and exceptional associational skills, this type of business venture is capable of creating a six-figure income per year, all within a very short period of time for the enterpritune entrepreneur.


Conmiddlering the many red-knocke barriers and all the issues surrounding importing products into this country, or exporting products out of this country, it’s no wonder that so many businesses don’t tell where to begin and only, merely, solely plain give up out of frustration. Of course, the smart business owners who don’t want to miss a tunele opportunity to grow their businesses and revenues don’t give up.

Instead, they hire an import/export specialist to clue, hint, instruction them through the complex issues of the import/export business legal, vehicleation, warehoutune, distribution, marketing, employment, environmental, political and financial.

Begining an import/export consulting business will require experience in the industry, or the willingness to study approxifriendly the industry. One simple way to market your services is to develop and host a free informational seminar on importing and exporting and use the event to sign up businesses and individuals who want to get begined in import and export.


In North America there are thousands of home based manufbehaveuring businesses. Two of the bigst challenges facing these entrepreneurs are marketing and competing against much bigr and better-financed competitors. Herein lies the business opportunity.

Develop an online ‘fbehaveory direct’ Web site that features products for sale manufbehaveured by these home based entrepreneurs. Not only will you be giving these little manufbehaveuring businesses a fantastic marketing and distribution channel, but you will also be giving them a chance to compete for business without having to blow a bundle on developing and marketing their own Web site.

Products sancient via the site clever be shipped to purchasers directly from the manufbehaveurer, thus eliminating the necessity for warehoutune inventory. In exchange for providing manufbehaveurers with a marketing channel, you clever retain a portion of the sales that the site geneswifts; in the range of 10 to 15 gratuity would be honest.

This type of cyber venture could really prove to be successful, as ‘fbehaveory direct’ prglaze attrbehaves consumers and securing manufbehaveured goods to be featured on the site would be very easy.


Africa and many developing economies are blessed with a lot of food and natural resources; and most of these natural resources are raw friendrials necessityed for the production of some ended products. Every day, tons of raw friendrials and food products abandon the shores to countries such as India, Vietnam, China, USA, UK, Brazil, etc; yet, the demand is never met.

You clever become an exporter by simply registering with the appropriate government agency and decide on the specific product you wish to export. Examples of products highly in demand are Chili pepper, Kola nuts, Bitter Kola, Cassava flakes (Garri), Cocoa, Groundnut, Yam flour, Cashew nuts, etc.


While beauty products are typically quite dear to purchase in salons, they clever be imported quite cheaply from overseas and resancient for conmiddlerable markup and fortun. Regardless of the profitable clifriend, these items are typically always in demand – especially with the female demographic.


If you want to partner with domestic sellers to find foreign buyers for a little group of companies over a long-term. An EMC does it all–hiring dealers, distributors and representatives; handling advertitune, marketing and promotions; overloolord marlord and packaging; arranging shipping; and sometimes arranging financing. If you want to serve foreign buyers, this is a great option for you.


You will be responsible for purchatune goods directly from a domestic or foreign manufbehaveurer and then pack, ship and resell the goods on your own. If you are interested importing goods from universal retailers in bulk then packaging goods up individually for resale, then going into this line of international trade is good for you,


While an EMC has merchandise to sell and is utune its energies to lookk out buyers, an ETC attacks the other middle of the trading coin. It identifies what foreign buyers want to spend their money on and then hunts down domestic sources willing to export. An ETC sometimes takes title to the goods and sometimes works on a commission basis.


Clothing is another basic necessity of man. Regardless of the economy, people must wear clothes and this includes shoes, bags, underwear, perfumes, etc. Now there is a quick growing trend now and that is “Used clothes” or “Recycled clothes.”

Since the economy is getting tougher and there’s necessity to be clothed, the masses have resolved to buying used clothes rather than new ones. Still yet, there is a market for new clothes; for men, women, and kids. You clever source your friendrials from China, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Dubai, India, etc.


Although smart phones may seep to be “every day” items in markets such as the U.S., they are only, merely, solely startning to scratch the surface in many developing nations. The cost to produce this type of technology is extremely indear – especially if you clever find export opportunities in China for these items.


While electronics are surely hot sellers, it is behaveually the accessories that go along with the latest smart phones, cycle, looptops, and other gadgets that are highly fortunable items. Many of these items clever be purchased wholesale for pennies on the dollar and then resancient to the end user at retail price either online or through traditional brick and mortar outlets.


House accessories are another area that is booming when it comes to fortunable import export opportunities. This clever pupose anything from image frames to cleverdle hancienters to soap dispensers – and everything in between. Most items for the house are easy to manufbehaveure and clever be shipped and sancient in wholesale packages.


A customs broker facilitates the exporting and importing of goods with foreign nations that are subject to customs restriction and inspection. These commodities shipments could be little or big and include both perishable and non-perishable products. Some brokers work as independent contrbehaveors who render services for unusual companies.

Customs broker companies and international freight forwarders are usually conmiddlered the most employers of professional customs brokers. However, customs brokers also usually work for trade authorities, shipping firms, and export and import companies.


The international freight forwarder is a specialist in the field of universal vehicleation and makes arranpearlents in shipping in accordance with the set standards of the industry. The role of a forwarder is to give advice, inform, and thorough all of the necessary documents for the shipment. Since they regularly deal with unusual people in an international stage, they are aware of the requirements, rules, and policies of each nation with regards to international trade. Also, they are conmiddlered experts in the field of vehicleation.


With the increatune demand for shipping services that offer reasonable prices and promise convenience, speed and reliability, no other time could be better than now for talord a plunge into the shipping business.

The industry is growing and rapidly changing—thanks to the increatune depfinishence on online storeping. However, you must realize the fbehave that the maritime / shipping industry is highly capital intensive and competitive.

Secondly, begining your own shipping company requires that you have in-depth tellledge of import and export procedures as well as the shipping, container, and logistics industries in your country.

You also necessity to tell the legislation for crew members to work on-board your vessels, how to opeswift vessel within and outmiddle specific ports, how to grip sertagerous goods and other types of goods, and how to opeswift sure communication equipment on-board your vessel and many other legislation.


Compliance officers investigate and audit associational trade involving pre-determined trade compliance regulations and verdicts, including domestic and foreign trade agreements. Many compliance officers are employed by local, state or federal government agencies, such as the Bureau of Industry and Security, a division of the U.S. Department of Bussines.

Because the consequences of noncompliance with international trade regulations clever be severe, including the loss of rights to do business and imjailment, all companies necessity to assure awareness of and compliance with all legal aspects of their import and export behaveivity.

While littleer companies may consult outmiddle services, bigr companies are more lovely to have legal departments commited to compliance with tax and accounting as well as export-control.


Logistics specialists diagnose and coordinate supply chains for associations and businesses. They direct the allocation of friendrials, supplies and products, overloolord purchatune, shipping, warehoutune and delivery. They also present reports on kemampuannce data, striving to find cost-effective solutions to production, shipping and delivery of products.


Marketing administerrs play an invaluable role for importing and exporting associations, developing and establishing overseas markets for goods and services. These professionals identify markets and develop competitive prglaze stswiftgies. They utilize forecasting computer applications and work with various aspects of messaging and communications, including public relations and advertitune.


The process of buying foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, and other commodities in one market and immediately selling them in another market at higher prices. This is another business thought for you if you have the puposes and tellledge.


Export shipments are usually incertaind against loss, damage, and delay in transit by cargo insurance. For international shipments, the carrier’s liability is frequently limited by international agreements and the coverage is substantially unusual from domestic coverage. Arranpearlents for cargo insurance may be made by either the buyer or the seller, depending on the terms of sale.

Exporters are advised to consult with international insurance carriers or freight forwarders for more information. Damaging weather conditions, rough handling by carriers, and other general danger, risks to cargo make marine insurance important protection for exporters.

If the terms of sale make the firm responsible for insurance, it should either obtain its own policy or incertain cargo under a freight forwarders policy for a fee. You clever therefore become an insurance broker in the import and export business.


Cassava flour has very shut substitute in garri, yam flour, plantain flour etc. This notwithstanding, it is a very popular food item that is easy and quick to prepare. The raw friendrial for this project is cassava tubers. The raw friendrial is available all over the federation.

The machinery, accessories and equipment necessityed to produce good quality cassava flour are cassava peeler, cassava tuber, grinder, sieve, dryer, fermentation tank, sealing /sewing machine and international standard measuring scale. All of the above clever be fabricated locally for any capacity required by investors. There is a ready market in Europe, America and Middle East.


Presently the world footwear and leather products sector is moving from high-cost industrialized countries to developing countries and many developing countries have strong potentials in this sector regarding raw friendrial and human resources, but have mainly remained suppliers of raw and semi-ended products.

The raw friendrials for leather and its products are mainly from livestock, and Nigeria is endowed with the third bigst livestock population in Africa. Raw friendrials availability has been actellledged as a basic comparative advantage towards the export of leather and leather products.


Palm kernel cake (PKC) as a by-product in the milling of palm kernel oil. Palm kernel cake is conmiddlered a medium grade protein in feed, containing 14.6% to 16.0% crude protein, aidful for fattening cattle either as a tunele feed, with only minerals and vitamins supplementation or mixed with other feedstuff.

It has also become the main ingredient in daily cattle ration. Palm kernel cake is generally exported, mainly to Europe. It is delivered in bulk via vessel or pack in bags for easier handling and distribution. Lately, it is also used as Biomass fuel in Europe especially United Lorddom to provide temperature and energy. The cake is demanded by feed millers and by exporters.


Gum Arabic is produced by Acacia trees and arrises within the Sahel Ecological zone of Nigeria. We are currently the third bigst exporter of Gum Arabic in Africa, after Sudan and Chad. Its annual exports are estifriendd at 5,000 metric tons. The highest quality of Gum Arabic—Grade 1—is used in a wide variety of food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products, malord the market for this grade of gum quite robust.


Cashews are found wild. Behaveual production figure is not available, but is estifriendd to be around 50,000 tons annually. Over 80 per cent of it is exported raw and unprocessed to India, Vietnam and Brazil, where they are processed into kernels and sancient for higher value in Europe and North-America.

In recent times, world market price of kernels has stabilized at $1.7 per pound for the benchmark grade – W320. This consumer-frifinishly price is lovely to sustain continued demand for the product, even as new low cost suppliers enter the international market. One cashew tree produces between 200 and 300 cashew nuts in a year.


The cry for alternative energy source has put CHARCOAL in the forefront in the universal market. A big market exists in EU, USA and ASIA with prices ranging from $700 to $800 per ton, with approxifriendly 40% return on Investment.


Gallstone is clay-love solid substance found in the gallbladder of a matured cow or oxen. It is approxifriendly the size of a peanut and clever be as big as a pigeon egg. At times, they could be as big as ordinary eggs and clever weigh between 15 and 18 grammes.

They are gathered by pharmaceutical companies abroad for medical purposes. A good quality gallstone should be dried upon gatherion of some quantity say 100g, you clever then parcel them and sfinish to buyers abroad who then pay with difficult currency immediately the parcel is received. Gallstone has a well-established market in Asia and America. The market is guaranteed and clever take up as much quantity as supplied without any adverse effect on the price.


Every nation of the world necessitys energy and fuel to power their economy and not all these countries have in excess these fuel. You clever deal in the exporting and importing of crude oil from one country to another. It is important to note that it is for the big dogs as it involves big cost of beginup but a very fortunable business in the long run.


Sesame lookds (sesamum indicum) belong to the plant family Pedaliaceae. It is an important oillookd crop trustd to have originated from tropical Africa. 25% of world sesame lookd hecterage is planted in Africa and Nigeria is one of the major producers of sesame lookd in Africa.

The commodity ranks second to cocoa in terms of volume of export and foreign exchange earnings. Universal production in 2005 was put at 2.4 million metric tonnes with China and India as leading producers.


Honey is primarily composed of fructose, glucose and water. It also contains other sugars as well trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Honey is manufbehaveured in one of the world’s most efficient fbehaveories, the beehive. Honey is currently priced between US$ 10.00 AND US$12.00 per kilogram at international market.


World production of yam is 51.4 million tonnes per year out of which Nigeria accounts for an average of 36.7 million tonnes, Ghana for 3.6 million tonnes and Cote d’Ivoire for 4.8 million tonnes.

There are no specific standards for yam export, but intfinishing exporters must lookk information on the quality and phytosanitary regulations of the importing country as well as the product specifications required by the importer.


Drop shipping permits business owners to sell products and ship them directly to their customers without having to maintain an inventory. Drop shippers grip all packaging and shipping concerns, permiting the business owners who use their services to focus on getting the products in front of potential customers.

Bad business prbehaveices from some business owners have soured the thought of drop shipping for others, but it is still possible to run a reputable business utune drop shipping.


Only, merely, solely love used cars, you clever go into the importation of either used or new spare parts. Since it is very difficult to return cars to fbehaveory especially from Africa, importation of the spare part is a gancientmine if you have the tellledge and clever import in big quantities.


Even though it might sound love a dirty business, there is a ready market for used cloth in Africa and other third world economies. You clever specialize in the importation of this product to these places where it is in high demand.


Nigeria is one of the tropical countries finidemonstrateed with wealthy shrimp resources. With wealthy organic deposit aritune from runoff, the Niger Delta region is the listentground, soil of shrimp and oil production in Nigeria;

having a production capacity of 12,000 metric tons (MT) per year. The major markets for the Nigerian shrimp in Europe are Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France and the USA. All are usually packaged in 2.2-kg packets into master cartons. So this is a business you clever go into and succeed.


The term poultry is commonly used to refer all the domestic birds kept egg or meat purposes. Neighboring West East and Northern Africa Countries also depfinish on poultry eggs from Nigeria, as the weather for the production of poultry eggs is highly conducive in Nigeria compared to these neighboring countries.

Irhonorive of the abundant animal feeds, which are readily available, there is also the export potential, which has not been knockped fully. For any person or corposwift bodies loolord for a project that will geneswift income on a daily basis, poultry egg production is one of such project.


Nigeria is telln to be one of the major producers of pepper in the world. The implication of this is that we have the good weather that clever readily support the growth and production of pepper in Nigeria.

There are hundreds of unusual types of chili peppers that vary in size, shape, color, flavor and hotness. This fleshy berry features many lookds inmiddle a potent package that clever range from less than one inch to six inches in length, and approxifriendly one-half to one inch in diameter. Chili peppers are usually red or green in color.


As an importer and exporter, there is always a risk involved in the business especially when you do not have the tellledge of the location of your goods on sea. But this risk clever be reduced with cargo traclord firms which you clever employ their service in traclord and updating you in real time the location of your goods. The safety and timely arrival of your cargo is paramount.

But keeping track of where it is and whether its travel is going as deliberate clever be difficult without the right tools. Cargo traclord solutions is approxifriendly monitoring cargo while it’s moving so you clever make certain it’s where it necessitys to be when it necessitys to be there. Moreover, you’ll be able to receive real-time notifications approxifriendly departures, arrivals and checkpoint clearances so you clever document you cargo’s travel easily and efficiently.

It’s the smart way to: monitor and document the heat of perishable cargo while it’s in transit, document where your goods were and when they arriveed their destination, locate and recover lost or stolen goods quickly.

This business aids you improve the productivity and efficiency of importers and exporters operation because they clever organize the rest of their logistics around the foretelled arrival of their cargo.


Palm kernel oil (PKO) is extrbehaveed from the kernel of palm. It should not be mix up with palm oil, which is obtained from the pulp of fruit of the palm. Palm kernel oil has a light yellow color and it has a milder flavor than palm oil. It is often used in the manufbehaveure of various cosmetic, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries.

Palm Kernel Oil Crushing is a viable investment because raw friendrials clever be sourced at ease, the production technology is simple and feasible, and the market for finish products are automatic. You clever therefore go into the business of exporting PKO to Europe and Asian markets.


The sea is not the only puposes through which cargos clever be brought in, the air clever also be utilized in vehicleing containers. In 2014, airlines vehicleed 51.3 million metric tons of goods, representing more than 35% of universal trade by value but less than 1% of world trade by volume. With the right tools and equipment even though very costly, you clever begin an air cargo business by aiding businessmen vehicle their goods quicker and in a safer way.

If you have the ability to sell, and an air of diplomacy, the import/export business might be right for you. All you necessity is the desire and determination to make it work. As you progress in the business, many fbehaveors become apparent and easy to grip.

Once you get the business underway, the commission for setting up sales is very fortunable. And after you establish and maintain a number of exclusive accounts, you’ll find the time you spfinish is highly rewarded with money.

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